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Founded on March 21, 2015, La MAESTRIA is an interdisciplinary organisation with the aim of undertaking studies, developing models, and supporting projects within the fields of perception and value creation.

The organisation comprises:

A steering committee with the objective of undertaking studies and projects within the domains of experience design and the experience economy.

The Editing Value® Lab, an idea laboratory, with the objective of undertaking studies, creating strategies, developing new models, and facilitating innovation within areas related to value creation.

La MAESTRIA considers the human and societal perspectives, the design and economic perspectives, and the factors contributing to the creation of valuable experiences.

At Colour Experience, we develop communication strategies and facilitate the application of research related to colours.



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Communication facilitator

Serge-Olivier Bredou

Specialized in branding and innovation, Serge-Olivier Bredou has 19 years of experience in consulting and services mostly in strategy, corporate governance, organizational architecture and information technology. He has worked as a consultant in private banking industry and insurances. Over the last 20 years, he additionally volunteered in various Arts and Culture events, acting as project manager and creative director. He helped to align objectives, create communication strategies and develop new products and services. As an entrepreneur, he created start-up companies in e-business strategy, consulting and ecology. He led industrial design, R&D projects, coordinated websites development (design and architecture) and ensure the role of copywriter. In march 2015, he decided to focus on these latter activities creating La MAESTRIA.

In Colour Experience, he acts as communication facilitator. His primary role is to ensure ongoing communication of documents and advances of the project to and between partners. He coordinates the marketing and public visibility of the project by defining, positioning, marketing and communicating the projects. Throughout the project, he is responsible to collect and centralize all communication material.



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Communication facilitator

Dr. Giordano Favi

As a mathematician Giordano Favi has an experience of 20+ years in teaching and research in the academic environment. He currently gives lectures to more than 700 first year students at the EPFL.

As an artist, Giordano recently developed urban artworks around the theme Art & Science, using bright colors and symbolics to represent mathematical concepts ( For his second artwork "24" he collaborated with renowned brands Caran d'Ache and SICPA SA who sponsored his work.

Director of the Hybridation and Academic Affairs at La MAESTRIA, his role in this association is to bridge the gap between corporate and academic worlds by proposing creative solutions.

In Colour Experience, he acts as a communication facilitator, with a special emphasis on harmonisation and Art as a vector of communication.




PhD, Mathematics, 2003

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