Colour Experience

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Sharing colour research

Academic Journals

                     Jonauskaite, D., Mohr, C., Antonietti, J. P., Spiers, P., Althaus, B., Anil, S. & Dael, N. (2016). Most and least preferred colours differ according to object context: New insights from unrestricted colour range. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0152194.

                     Dael, N., Perseguers, M.-N., Marchand, C., Antonietti, J.-P., & Mohr, C. (2015). Put on that colour, it fits your emotion: Colour appropriateness as a function of expressed emotion. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (2006), 218(October), 1–12.

                    Dael, N., Sierro, G., & Mohr, C. (2013). Affect-related synesthesias: a prospective view on their existence, expression and underlying mechanisms. Frontiers in Psychology, 4(October), 754. 


Book Chapters

                      Mohr, C., Jonauskaite, D., Dan-Glauser, E. S., Uusküla, M., & Dael, N. (2018). Unifying research on colour and emotion: Time for a cross-cultural survey on emotion associations to colour terms. In L. MacDonald, C. P. Biggam, & G. V. Paramei (Eds.), Progress in Colour Studies: Vision, Cognition and Language. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins (forthcoming)