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Presenting at the 16th Conference of the Swiss Psychological Society in Bern

The 16th conference of the Swiss Psychological Society will be held in Bern on 9-11 September 2019. This conference gathers researchers from various areas of psychology to exchange their newest findings. This year, the theme “Psychology’s Contribution to Society” will show how psychology can add to societal development. Domicele Jonauskaite and Prof Christine Mohr are organising a symposium called “Debunking myths widely held in society. Magic beliefs, conspiracy theories, hypnosis, and colour therapy”, which will take place on 9th September at 13:30.

They will present two talks : one about colour therapy and one about magic beliefs. Pascal Wagner-Egger (Fribourg University) will talk about conspiracy theories and Isabel Tissières (Lausanne University Hospital) will present the myths and science of hypnosis.